Here are some links to some friends, some vendors I like, and some sites I just find plain useful.

First, here’s a link to my main company’s site.  I’m a theatrical lighting and sound designer by education.  I’m also an expert in theatrical systems design and construction.  See more about me here: Sizemore Light Design, LLC


Joe PayneSuper talented musician, sound designer, web designer, graphic artist, teacher and friend.  A theatre geek like me, only more successful and a hell of a lot better lookin’.

Jim WordsworthAn old college friend of mine, and fantastic singer who actually does what he loves in New York.  He’s a regular on New York stages as an opera singer and musical theater actor.  Check out his website, his resume is damn impressive.

Education / Forums

MacProVideoAn online education site, and one of the best of it’s kind.  They specialize in video tutorials on all kinds of software that runs on a mac.  Don’t let that stop you windows users from taking a gander though–most of the applications they cover run on windows as well and the tutorials will work just as well.

Tweakheadz “The Guide”Invaluable resource to those who are just starting with a home project studio, or newbies to music production on the computer in general.  It’s comprehensive and entertainingly written.

KVRAudio.comWant a heated argument about… nothing in particular?  KVR is your place.  To be fair though, they are a valuable resource on software instruments and effects. They also have a great little Music Cafe forum where a small but (mostly) friendly group participate in a monthly song writing contest that has become a KVR institution.

Cubase User’s Group — Phoenix — An awesome group of people who meet once a month in Phoenix to educate and discuss with each other all things Cubase (Steinberg’s popular DAW software that I use and abuse).  Their ranks include local studio owners, working session musicians, hobbyists and experts alike.  It’s a great group, and I highly recommend you check them out if you live in the Phoenix (or even Tucson) areas.

Vendors / Manufacturers

MotifatorInvaluable resource for anything related to Yamaha’s Motif series keyboards.  This forum is populated by music professionals, and yamaha employees who, while sometimes a bit hard edged, are EXTREMELY knowledgable about the Motif keyboards.  If you own one of these incredible and unendingly complex instruments and have questions about it, this is the place to get the answers.

SpectrasonicsFounder and owner of Spectrasonics, Eric Persing, has had more influence than you can imagine on the development of the modern keyboard and the sounds that populate them.  I still own a demo CD that he released when he was working for Roland called “Roland : A Sound Approach”.  By today’s standards, it’s nothing spectacular, but back in the late eghties and early nineties, what Eric was doing was revolutionary.  Today he runs Spectrasonics, a very well respected software instrument manufacturer.  Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, and Trillian comprise their small line of products, but each one of them is first class and incredibly deep.

SweetwaterMy preferred online music store.  Their customer service is outrageously good, and to me that’s very important.  They will assign a particular person to your account, and that person then becomes your contact with sweetwater.  If you have pre-sale questions, or post-sale problems, they are there to handle it.  Plus they throw some candy in with each order, and they take personlized requests…