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Dirait-On Part 2

(A Note About the Vocal Audio Samples Below:  With the exception of the “FINAL MIX”, I attempted to make all the vocal examples sound similar (in panning, reverb, and level), and they ONLY include 4 of the 8 voice parts I eventually recorded). The “FINAL MIX” is an excerpt from the finished track as it will be […]

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Dirait-On Part 1

Okay, “Lida Rose” wasn’t … perfect.  It was far from it actually, which is why I never bothered to buy a mechanical / digital license and make it available publically  A year later, though, I’d learned a lot, and I started to take piano lessons.  Well, it’s more like I picked them up again after a LOOONG […]

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Making the Sausage — Lida Rose

A little more background.  When I first started this whole adventure, aside from being able to read some music, peck away a little bit at the piano, and having a decent singing voice, I didn’t know the first thing about what it took to create a song with my computer.  So I decided, “Okay, let’s […]

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