Standing on the Shoulders of Giants…

I’ve been feeling like this quite a bit lately. First, let’s not kid ourselves. We humans didn’t INVENT the major chord. That comes from something bigger than us. Whether it’s a result of higher celestial being, simply a function of the random mathmatics of the universe, or somewhere in between is up to each individual to decide, but we didn’t invent it. We didn’t create out of thin air the fact that moving from a dominant chord to a tonic chord is pleasing to our ears. Or that true beauty comes in contrasts–dissonance versus harmony, light versus dark, negative space versus positive space, or in the case of lighting design, blues versus ambers. All these things are simply a function of human nature.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been lots of notable humans in history who, of course, brought some of these things to light through incredible works of art that survive to this day. Still… the creative process, irrespective of what results from it and how “original” it is, is no less rewarding for the creator. This is all a round-about way of telling you what a beautiful and humbling process the creation of my own arrangement of the classic song “O Danny Boy” was.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants is the best way to describe it. People much more skillful and creative than me created the melody and lyrics. People far more talented have created countless arrangments of this song in the past. And ultimately, the transition from a C11 chord to an F Major resolution is not something I invented, but merely an unbeliveably beautiful tool of universal happenstance I can use to finish my own version of this gorgeous song.

Today I offer you my second podcast–which details some of the production techniques I used to record my version of “O Danny Boy”. Although the release of the full song will need to wait until I finish the video, this podcast will give you several preview snippets, an exploration of the four different endings I created for the song, and an opportunity for you to vote for your favorite one to determine which ending will make the final cut. Along with that I offer some samples of previous recordings I’ve done as examples of my talking points. Check it out if you like, and send me an email via the contact link above to let me know what you think. Here is the link on Soundcloud. You can also download it and listen to it on your ipod / mp3 player at your liesure. For best sound, though, may I recommend you grab a good set of earphones / speakers? 🙂

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